30 Online Malware Analysis Sandboxes / Static Analyzers:

Suleyman OZARSLAN, PhD
2 min readMay 13, 2016

Update (June 28, 2018):

I compare results of sandboxes with a new TrickBot sample (SHA256:dd89e57513612ebcd917d6644b97a92fb074d5dab7da6bd7e5ac4bd93ba20219/, first submission: 2018–06–26 14:56:28)

Sandboxes that can detect the malware (ordered by name):

Sandboxes that cannot detect the malware (ordered by name):

Discontinued / Down sandboxes:

Trial requested:

Static File Analyzers:

I tested following static file analyzers with an RTF document that exploits an Adobe Flash vulnerability CVE-2016–4117

Android Sandboxes / Analyzers:

Linux Sandboxes:

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